Our Story

In 2008, Ryan and Selina May (along with their 7-week-old son) moved from Charleston, South Carolina to Chattanooga, Tennessee. The reason was simple: Through the church they had been on staff at in South Carolina, God had done some pretty cool things in their lives. And they now felt impressed to find a place where they could help others experience the same thing.

And so, with the help of a handful of friends who joined them in their move and several more who they met after landing in Tennessee, they started The Net.

To spark interest, they rented a billboard outside Rave Motion Pictures (where they eventually would be meeting) that said, “Tell us what you REALLY think: IfYouHateChurch.com”. The ad directed people to a survey where they could express their true feelings about church. Over 700 people took the survey and were invited to visit on January 18, 2009 when The Net first began meeting in a public setting.

When that day arrived 234 people came through the doors. Ever since, these weekend gatherings have been growing steadily each year offering a well-prepared, high-quality experience for every age. For the adults, that typically means contemporary music, relevant teaching, and a time of response–where attendees are challenged to take what they’ve heard and apply it to their lives.

But the goal has never been about filling a room or providing an enjoyable experience–though we hope those things happen. The goal has always been to see people give everything in their lives to Jesus and in return watch Jesus change them into someone completely new! That’s what happened to Ryan and Selina in South Carolina, and that’s what’s now happening on a regular basis here!